After a very busy Christmas with all my craft fair events I finally have a few minutes to finish off a few projects that I started and to start a few new ones.  This week on the beading block (salon table)  I am working on several new hair accessories, some earrings and a couple of bracelets.  

Since we live on our boat the salon table acts as my studio and hubby (Mike) has to put up with all my beading supplies laid out for days on end while I finish up what I am working on.  I try to keep it contained so that I can pack up the work into one corner of the table in order that we may eat dinner, but mostly when I am working he has to eat at the navigation station.  Luckily for me he is able to watch TV from that location or I might have to pack everything up.

My hair accessory line was very successful this Christmas season, in fact it is probably the fastest selling item that I make, so I am trying to build stock for the spring and summer when I again do the farmers markets with Artisan Framers Market Society starting May in Burnaby and the Northshore (Ambleside).  I also this month start again at VGH at the Market Table my first date is coming up on January 24.

I have not just been making hair accessories, I also started a new line of Leather Bead Embroidered bracelets.  This bracelets are on a 1" aluminum bracelet blank and backed with a soft suede leather on the interior.  The exterior of the bracelet has either an Osmina Shell, Marble, Turquoise, Amethyst or Rose Quarts stones.

And if that wasn't enough I am still trying to come up with a design for the Etsy Beadweavers February and March challenges as well as EBEG's current Mini fest and Bead Fest - Red Carpet. (hum maybe I can combine some of these ideas)


 So whats on your beading table this week?  Love to hear what you are working on

I know, I know, I should spend more time with my blog to promote my work, but I always seem to forget after spending hours surfing the web with my Etsy stores, Facebook pages, team pages, twitter feeds, team blog posts and now Pinterest (what did I get myself into) the day just flies by and I find that I have not done any beading which is my passion.

This year I also have the added excuse in that we spent the summer refinishing our home Angelique of Vancouver our 34' Coast sail boat.  She got a new paint exterior, new paint interior, new fabric and cushions, new black out curtains for the windows and hatches, refinished flooring.  But that is not all, still to come is new headliners, new electric windlass (for setting the anchor and then for hauling it up, hubby says he won't manually do this anymore as he is getting old), new canvas enclosure, new hard biminy top, new main sail traveler (this helps us control the main sail) new boom vang (controls the boom when jibing and tacking), new standing rigging (this is the wire that steadies the main), new running rigging (these are the lines that raise and lower sails as well as controls the shape of the sail when sailing). and the list goes on!!!!!

Did I have time even to bead you ask, well indeed I did, I participated in the Battle of the BeadSmith 2013 challenge - "Angelique" bead embroidered necklace.  Angelique reflects the new paint job on our 34' coast sail boat.  Our boat was originally Aqua Mist for the hull with a Kelly Green Top Strip and White decks.  The colours of the necklace are a reflection of the month long work in refinishing our love and home. 

Angelique made it into round 2 of the battle, one more round than my entry last year which did not make it past round one.  I am looking forward to next years battle.  I used only Czech Preciosa Ornela seed beads, Silver Metallic and White Pearl in size 11o.

Bring on BOTB2014!!!!

I also made several pieces for Etsy Beadweavers monthly challenges the latest was for the "September Challenge - My Favorite Song"  I chose the song "Knee Deep by the Zac Brown Band with Jimmy Buffet as my favorite song mostly because the lyrics really speak to me about sailing in Mexico, having no worries in the world and letting the ocean be our meditation.  You can read more about my inspiration at

I was able to set the theme for this challenge as my July entry won the team vote!!! This was a real surprise as my July challenge Chrysanthemum Hair Band was started and finished within the final days prior to the entry deadline.

 I was very lucky that I actually finished it in time to post for the challenge and then happily surprised when my team mates choose it to be the winner.  The July Challenge was "Beautiful Summer Flowers" Challenge

On the Right is the photo for " Chrysanthemum Hair Band.  I had the pleasure of selling this piece at the Artisan Farmers Market in Burnaby.  The Chrysanthemum is complete made of Czech Preciosa Ornela Seed Bead in various shades of orange, red, gold brown, black.  I picked one of the Chrysanthemums one morning during our walk along the sea wall towards Granville Island.  In the summer the city maintains a beautiful garden along the sea wall in this location and I just couldn't resist.

Some of my other challenge pieces were the Pacific White Sided Dolphins for the August challenge "Sea Adventures"   The two dolphins are having a great Sea Adventure frolicking in Georgia Straight  (the ocean water piece between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.  It is always good luck for a passage if you find these dolphins playing in your bow wave or if you see them when you are on the ferry.

I also created this Easter Faberge Necklace for the April Challenge "Faberge"  The central focal cab was one that I purchased in Vegas the year of my 50th birthday some years ago.  I finally was inspired to use it for this necklace.

I have also been busily adding to my Hair Accessory Line as well as my Bead Woven Earring line.  The hair accessories seem to be doing very well and I have sold several of them on Etsy recently (one went to Finland) and many have been sold at the Artisan Farmers Markets in the summer.  I am still in the process of making several more for all the Christmas Craft shows that I will be attending.  The schedule I will post in a separate post.

Left is Day of the Dead and Chalk Turquoise

Right - Snow White, Black Beauty and Aqua & Silver Barrettes with "Made in France" Barrette clips

Then there are the new bead embroidered earrings that I started making the first was to match the Chalk Turquoise barrette and are also called of course "Chalk Turquoise" earrings.

Below is Green Moss Earrings made as a set with the Green Moss Necklace on the left.

All of my creations are made with Czech Preciosa-Ornela seed beads, I really love the texture that these beads create within the project.  My bead stock on the boat mostly consists of hanks and hanks in a range of colours (cause I hate to run out mid project)  If hubby new the weight of beads on the boat he most like would have a fit.

Want to "Do it yourself"  I also created some Basic to Intermediate Peyote PDF patterns - Honu Sea Turtle Odd count Peyote, Hungarian Flowers, Honu Plumeria Flowers, Plumeria Flowers, Eye of Ra and Greek Key (River of Life).  These patterns are available for instant download on my Etsy site at  The patterns are designed with Delica seed beads, but I have also provided a bead chart with an alternate Preciosa-Ornela color palette so that you can create them with these great little beads.

So although I have not posted in a while on my blog (I will try to do better, I promise) I have been a very busy girl. Who said retired people are bored, I just can't seem to find enough time in the day to accomplish all the things that I have set out for myself.

I am really quite bad at keeping up with my blog, mostly because I really don't know what to write about or what people (anyone) might want to read on my blog.  I follow quite a few beading blogs from my Etsy Beadweavers team and think I should have written something like that, but then I never do.  SOOO what am I going to write about today, let me see , Uhm, well, I don't really know, hence my absence.

Since my last post regalling you with my busy Xmas schedule, I took a break (not from beading) but away in the sun.  My sister and brother in law (refered to as K&T in an earlier post) and my hubby spent almost a month on the garden island of Kauai in February.  My hubby was amazed that I pack up some beads and dragged them off to Kauai, and was even more amazed when I found some Toho beads in ACE Hardware (of all places).  I spent my days laying on the beach getting a great tan, and my evenings drinking MaiTai's and working on the various projects that I brought with me and some that I started in Kauai.

One of the projects that I started in Kauai was my Spring Swap piece.  I had wanted to get it finished early because I had to ship internationally and wanted to make sure that it arrived in time for the reveal that will take place in April on the Etsy Beadweavers blog at My swap partner was Hadass of Spring Colours and she has already recieved her necklace (yes, I made her an necklace but that is all that I will tell you until the reveal happens)  I still have not received my swap piece from my partner whom ever that may be.

One of the other projects that I worked on while in Kauai was my Beach Plastic - Save or Ocean bead embroidered cuff.  Terry (brother in law) helped me pick up the bits of beach plastic and shells when we went on our morning walks.  My sister and hubby both thought that we were crazy, and Karen thought that when I glued the bits and shells on the base that it didn't look very nice.  You be the judge, here is the final result of the beach combing(left), I finished this piece on my return to Vancouver.

Another project that I worked on was my Royal Purple cuff (right).  I had brought all the material with me and created the layout in the evening (again drinking MaiTai's).  Since I was working on sevreal different projects some of them did not get finished in Kauai and this is one of them.  I finished this one when I returned to Vancouver, so you could say that these beads are world travelers, well at least Canada and the US.  Royal Purple is my entry to Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild's Spring Bead Fest, the theme was filigree and I used a filgree slider bead that I purchased from Michaels, I bet no one will recognize the bead focal.

One projec t that I started in Vancouver and finished in Kauai is my Fluorite Chip Celini Spiral necklace.  These beads are definately world travelers as they originally were bought in Greece by my friend, brought to Vancouver, then I packed them up and took them with me to Kauai.

I also brought with me one of the Eye of Ra Tutorials that I have created and used it to create a new Eye of RA odd count peyote cuff.  Well working the patttern I realized that I have some minor adjustments to make to the tutorial prior to putting it up for sale in my shop.  I also have to take some decent photos of the finished bracelet.

Karen. who also does some weaving, saw that I had brought some beads with me so she also made a few necklaces  I was lucky enough to sell these at my first market day at Vancouver General Hospital on my return at the end of February.

So even thought I was away on vacation and not visible on my blog, I was a very busy girl.  I also had three sales from my Etsy Shop, going on vacation for me has paid off in spades.  I was relaxed and didn't have a care in the world.  That sounds funny coming from a retired person, LOL
I sold my Day Lily Necklace, Arabian Nights Arabesque Cuff and a custom Order for another Arabian Nights Cuff (left photo is the custom order cuff). 

One final thought to leave you with was that my Spring Flowers Necklace was published in the April  2012 issue of Bead and Button Magazine, check out page 18 of the Your Works Section.

Monday, October 31, 2011 Posted by Jacquie Champion   6 comments:

Well it is hard to believe that the Christmas Craft fair season is upon us already. It seems like just yesterday that I was putting in my applications for 2011 Craft Fairs.  I started in January 2011 and jured for many of them in May and June and now the first of the fairs is about to start.  I am in several new fairs this year so I don't know how they will turn out and some I am returning to because they were very good events for me last year.  If you wish to stop in and say hello, here are the locations that I will be attending this year.

This weekend November 5 (Sat) is the first time that I will be attending the Terry Fox  Secondary Craft Fair at 1260 RiverGate Road, in Port Coquitlam (all proceeds to After Grad) 9 am to 4pm.

Next Weekend Sat & Sun  Nov 12 & 13 I will be attending for the first time Carney Star Craft Fair, Carney High School, 1335 Dominion Ave  9 am - 4 pm both days.  Admission is $1.00

Nov 20  (Sat)-  I will be returning to Delbrook Christmas Craft fair at the Community Rec Center, 600 West Queens, North Vancouver 10 am - 4 pm

Nov 21 - Nov 25 (Mon -Friday)  I will be attending for the first time Langara Community College Craft Fair, 100 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver, 9am - 5 pm

Nov 26 (Sat) I will also be attending Dunbar Community Centre Holiday Craft Fair for the first time at 4747 Dunbar Street
Vancouver, 10 am - 5pm, admission $3.00

Nov 27 (Sun) Sounds & Furries Womens Winter Fair, again another first at  Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street @ East 15th Ave, Vancounver, 11am - 6 pm , Admission by donation min $3.00

Nov 29-Dec 2 (Tues - Frid)  returning to  Simon Fraser Student Society Winter Craft Fair North Academic Quadrangle, 8888 University Dr, 9 am - 5 pm

December 4, (Sun) attending for the first time Crafty Affaire Elgin Hall, 14250 Crescent Road, South Surrey BC 10 am to 4 pm

December 17 & 18 (Sat & Sun) Sounds & Furries Womens Winter Fair Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street @ East 15th Ave, Vancounver, 11am - 6 pm , Admission by donation min $3.00

After all these events I think that I will need a well deserved break so we plan to fly to Hawaii and our time share on the island of Kauii on Feb 3 for 3 weeks.

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This year I decided that I was going to concentrate on my Etsy Shop to see if I could generate some pre-Christmas sales and joined the Etsy Success team and their Holiday Boot Camp.  This is week 1 and we were tasked with several things to complete:
  1. Read this weeks blog post A Flying Start
  2. Fill our your Holiday Budget
  3. Print out and apply your Holiday Boot Camp stickers to your calender
  4. Share your holiday goals
  5. Find your Holiday Boot Camp Buddy
I have completed all the items on this list and created a few more for me to accomplish this week:
  1. Renew items and evaluate for relevancy.  This is the new search mod for finding things on Etsy and I am not so sure that I have gotten the gist of it and so I am spending some time tweeking to see if my work moves up on the Etsy pages.  I still seem to be burried in the back of the pack.
  2. Sign up for Search Ads starting Sept 27, budget of $5/week and monitor to see if it is worth the price you pay.
  3. Make Poppy pins in preparation for Remembrance Day, these pins will sell for $20/CAD and $5 per Poppy sold will be donated to the Veterns Assocations
  4. Create coupon codes and promote.  I created two coupons one for returning customer who will receive 15% off any item in my shop or if you purchase more that one item you will also be able to use this coupon.  The other is 10% off any item in my shop again if you purchase more that one you will use the other coupon.
  5. Blog about my Holiday Boot Camp Buddies.
Of my own To Do list this week I have also completed most of them as I am in the process (as I type) listing the Poppy Pins and some other new items.  The coupon codes are created and active, Search Ad are going and so far I have spent .35 cents and received 328 impressions, and 1 view.  It is 4:00pm PST and the ads have been running since 12:01 this morning EST.  I have reviewed half of my listings to change the tags so that they are relevant and my items still seem to be in the back of the pack when I search, so I don't think that I am understanding this as well as other shops are.  And of course the last was to blog about my Holiday Boot Camp Buddies.  I am lucky to have 3 buddies that I can chat with on Etsy, each shop has something different to add and are from accross the US. 

My Holiday Boot Camp Buddies in no particular order (because they are all great) are:
Wire Wrapped Turquoise - UnTwistedSister
UnTwistedSister Terri makes her jewelry by hand, from scratch.cutiing and polishing her own jasper and agate stones and finishes them with a hand wire-wrap to show off the stone. Terri also teaches wire wrapping at Island Bead Company, Melborne Orlando, Florida 
Bee on a Sunflower - Wizard at Work

WizardAtWork  When I was searching for a buddy I was looking for a shop that had some different things for sale and not necessarily jewelry.  At her shop you can expect to find crochet, ceramics, soap and other bath/body products and rubberstamping items.  What I found out was that her some of her sales go to support an elderly ferret.  You can read more about it on her profile page.
Mixed Berry Beaded Cuff - RampionRampage

RampionRampage  Lauren has Autism and finds that making "jewelry, boxes, custom items, and cards, those struggles go away. In fact, when I'm working on art, I don't feel that I'm "disabled" at all."  I admire Lauren and I am glad that we met up and became buddies.  Lauren also has the same birthday as myself September 15 so I feel that we are sisters at heart.  Lauren is also working towards getting more beadwoven items into her shop so that she can apply to the Etsy Beadweavers Team which I am of course the Captain. It seems that we have a lot of interests in common.

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Not a blog about beading for a change, but fun non the less!!

Mike & Me on our BMW K1200GT aka "The Dragon"

Recently my husband and I completed a three week trip on his BMW motorcycle AKA "The Dragon".  I love to ride on the back but I have a hard time with balancing (nicknamed appropriately Tippy! by my loving husband) so would never ride solo.  We decided that since The Dragon was a grand touring bike that it needed to be tested out and hence we planned this three week ride down the coastal 101 highway to San Francisco via the Red Woods Forests then to Las Vegas via Bakersfield and the Mohave Desert, then San Diego and back on the coastal highway to Vancouver. 

K & T on their K1200LT BMW

My sister Karen and my bother-in-law Terry (always are refered as K&T) were to join us on this adventure.  They left their home town of Regina, Sask on Friday and arrived in Vancouver late Saturday evening.  Our trip began on Sunday morning as we headed out under cloudy and cooler temperatures from Aldergrove, BC to cross into the US and the Olympic Pennisula where we took the ferry from Whitby Island to Olympia and Tumwater, Washington.  Our first day we did not really cover very much distance towards our ultimate destination of Las Vegas, but we rode all around Washington for many hours and ended the first day in Tumwater just outside of Olympia.

The second day we started out early (6 am) and headed for Astoria in Oregon, we wanted to ride across the Columbia River bridge and along the Oregon coast 101 highway, had lunch at Tillamuck Cheese factory and rode a very nice twisty highway back toward Salem, Oregon.  At this point I am thinking that I have been riding on the back of the bike for what seems like hours, days and we don't seem to be getting any where.  We had a week to get to Vegas for our time share booking so everyone wanted to take in the sights. You sure do get to see the country side from the back of a bike.

On the Road to Crescent City
Leaving Salem, we once again head for the coast via Grants Pass, stopping for coffee at Peggy's Cafe along the I5 and eventually reaching the start of the Red Wood forest ride and Crescent City in the fog.  These first few days we were on the bikes from early morning to early evening and I was looking forward to stopping.  My butt just was not used to riding for more than a couple of hours and by now I had spent several days riding for a min 8 hours - 9 hours each day.

Terry in Tree

Mike in Tree

We left Crescent City in the morning and once again it was very foggy so we could not see the ocean from the bikes.  We entered the "Path of the Giants" just outside of Eureka and spent several hours riding the old highway, stopping to take pictures and riding though the "Drive Through" tree.  That evening was spent in the hot tub at the hotel, what a refreshing release after a long day of riding.

Mike & I crossing Golden Gate
 Thursday we got up early and headed into San Francisco along highway 101, we heard on the weather that the Golden Gate bridge was covered in fog and when we arrived around 1:00 it was still covered in fog and there was a cross wind that made K&T nerveous so we headed into Saulsalito for lunch and some shopping, hopping that the wind would die down and the fog would clear.  Mike and I remembered that there was this really great burger joint just along the water front not far from the Saulsalito Yacht club where we had moored Angelique of Vancouver back in 2008.  The burgers were as remembered and the No Name Bar was also as remembered.  We ate our burgers, drank our beer and rememinced about our 2008 sailing adventure with Angelique of Vancouver down this same coast just traveled by bike.   Once we finished our lunch we got back on the bikes and rode across the Golden Gate bridge, the wind and the fog did not really decrease but if we were ever going to get into San Francisco we needed to cross.  In Salsalito I had put on my riding pants and a sweater under my jacket because when we first arrived I was just wearing my jacket and a light pair of paints and nearly froze.  Friday was spent as a tourist in San Francisco, we visited Fishermans's warf and Peer 39, Chinatown and the downtown shopping core, rode the old trolleys, and hiked up and down the famous Streets of San Francisco.

Karen & Jacquie (Two sisters)
Saturday we were off to Vegas to check into our time share and along the way we stopped in several BMW dealerships.  K&T were looking for riding clothing and other BMW accessories. We arrived in Vegas to tempertures in the 100's.  Let me tell you that this is a shock to the system especially when you still have all your riding gear on and you are now waiting in traffic and everyone is out to kill you.  Drivers in Vegas really don't pay much attention to who or what is around them.  Mike and I nearly go hit by a taxi driver as we crossed an intersection, K&T did get hit by a woman in a Mercedes that "just did not see them"  Lucky or unlucky for them the woman only tagged the small trailer that K&T were towing behind their bike.  Terry held it together and did not kill the woman, because the trailer was brand new and bought for this trip.  We got to the resort without further mishap, check in, check out the damage to the trailer, changed, headed to the pool and relaxed.

Dinner in Venice aka "The Venitian"
After a week in Vegas we spent our 18th anniversay with K&T with dinner at one of our favorite restaruants in Venice some gambling at our favorite casino in Paris and a trip up the Effiel Tower.  OK not the real Venice or the real Paris or the real Effiel Tower but it worked for us.

The Mohave Desert
Sunday had us back on the bikes riding though the Mohave Desert with temps over 100, K&T's bike over heating, my brain overheating and endless desert.  We arrived at our other time share booking in Carlsbad and spent the next 5 days touring Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Diego, Encinitas, and surrounding area.Carlsbad is only about 45 mins outside of San Diego , we took the Coaster into town and visited the Lampwork district, Old Town and Little Italy.  Lunch was at our favorite Italian restaurant in Little Itally.

K&T on the Coaster

After our time in Carlsbad it was time to head back home, K&T had 4 days to travel 3100 KM to Regina and we had 2700 KM to travel back to Vancouver.  K&T headed out back through the Mohave and Mike and I headed back up the 101 highway for San Francisco.  We timed our trip home perfectly as we hit morning rush hour traffic in LA on the the Friday of the Labor day weekend and San Francisco for the afternoon rush hour the same day.  We spent 11 hours riding covering the same distance we had done in two days on the way down.  The next day was another grueling 11 hours from San Francisco to Grants Pass in Oregon, 8 hours on the 3rd day from Grants Pass to Olympia, WA and 3 hours on the 4th day from Olympia to Vancouver, BC.

I recently found that my Baja Sunrise Bead embroidered necklace was featured in this Mex I Can treasury by clonehardware on Etsy and I am trying out a widget that CraftCult offers for Etsy sellers to promote treasuries. Below will be an interactive widget that should redirect you to the Treasury collection on Etsy and the individual items Test it out and let me know how it works. 

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