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Christmas Craft Schedule - Angelque Creations

Well it is hard to believe that the Christmas Craft fair season is upon us already. It seems like just yesterday that I was putting in my applications for 2011 Craft Fairs.  I started in January 2011 and jured for many of them in May and June and now the first of the fairs is about to start.  I am in several new fairs this year so I don't know how they will turn out and some I am returning to because they were very good events for me last year.  If you wish to stop in and say hello, here are the locations that I will be attending this year.
This weekend November 5 (Sat) is the first time that I will be attending the Terry Fox  Secondary Craft Fair at 1260 RiverGate Road, in Port Coquitlam (all proceeds to After Grad) 9 am to 4pm.
Next Weekend Sat & Sun  Nov 12 & 13 I will be attending for the first time Carney Star Craft Fair, Carney High School, 1335 Dominion Ave  9 am - 4 pm both days.  Admission is $1.00
Nov 20  (Sat)-  I will be returning to Delbrook Christmas Craft fair …

Etsy Holiday Boot Camp

This year I decided that I was going to concentrate on my Etsy Shop to see if I could generate some pre-Christmas sales and joined the Etsy Success team and their Holiday Boot Camp.  This is week 1 and we were tasked with several things to complete: Read this weeks blog post A Flying StartFill our your Holiday BudgetPrint out and apply your Holiday Boot Camp stickers to your calenderShare your holiday goalsFind your Holiday Boot Camp BuddyI have completed all the items on this list and created a few more for me to accomplish this week:
Renew items and evaluate for relevancy.  This is the new search mod for finding things on Etsy and I am not so sure that I have gotten the gist of it and so I am spending some time tweeking to see if my work moves up on the Etsy pages.  I still seem to be burried in the back of the pack.Sign up for Search Ads starting Sept 27, budget of $5/week and monitor to see if it is worth the price you pay.Make Poppy pins in preparation for Remembrance Day, these pi…

What do you see when riding on the back of a BMW?

Not a blog about beading for a change, but fun non the less!!

Recently my husband and I completed a three week trip on his BMW motorcycle AKA "The Dragon".  I love to ride on the back but I have a hard time with balancing (nicknamed appropriately Tippy! by my loving husband) so would never ride solo.  We decided that since The Dragon was a grand touring bike that it needed to be tested out and hence we planned this three week ride down the coastal 101 highway to San Francisco via the Red Woods Forests then to Las Vegas via Bakersfield and the Mohave Desert, then San Diego and back on the coastal highway to Vancouver. 

My sister Karen and my bother-in-law Terry (always are refered as K&T) were to join us on this adventure.  They left their home town of Regina, Sask on Friday and arrived in Vancouver late Saturday evening.  Our trip began on Sunday morning as we headed out under cloudy and cooler temperatures from Aldergrove, BC to cross into the US and the Olympic …

Baja Sunrise Featured in Mex I Can treasury

I recently found that my Baja Sunrise Bead embroidered necklace was featured in this Mex I Can treasury by clonehardware on Etsy and I am trying out a widget that CraftCult offers for Etsy sellers to promote treasuries. Below will be an interactive widget that should redirect you to the Treasury collection on Etsy and the individual items Test it out and let me know how it works. 

Ephesos Turkey - A Must on the Bucket List

Recently I have attended memorials for several of my cruising friends and I was reminded that as I get older I will be attending more and more of these events. As I looked at all the adventures that my friends experienced in their lives and how many places that they ticked off their "Bucket List", I wanted to see how many Mike and I have ticked off our list. Last year we did a 3 week whorl wind tour of Europe inclucing a 10 day cruise around the Med. We ticked off quite a few off our list, one of the locations that we visited briefly was Turkey and the ruins at Ephesos.  This place is amazing and the architecture of the time boggles the mind.  It was a place where Learing Arts and Culture were promenant.  Ephesos is famous for it's "Library" structure and for the two ampetheatres.  The largest theatre housed thousands of spectators and was built into the side of the hill. Turkey is one of the places that I would like have an extended visit (months not days!)


Etsy Beadweavers July Challenge Sizzling Sunshine and Soothing Waters

I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything to my own blog.  It is not that I haven't been making anything, rather the contrary I have several new pieces and participated in the monthly challenges for Etsy Beadweavers.  I just forget to go to my own blog and post my pieces after I have promoted the team on the various Facebook  pages and the team blog. So I thought that it was high time that I paid some attention to my own blog.  For this months challenge I created Baja Sunlight necklace fashioned after my favourite island in the Sea of Cortez, Isla Sanfransisco.  This beautiful agua blue bay is extrodinarily beautiful and the water is calm and soothing after a hot day of hiking on the small sizzling hot island.

The voting started on July 9 and runs until July 15, at Please stop in and vote for your favoirte Sizzling Sunshine and Soothing Water's entry.  There are 32 wonderful entries to choose from so I am sure that …

Husband Racing again? What to do? What to do!!!!!!

It is a sunny Saturday here in Vancouver and my hubby (Mike) is off racing again on J (a 33' J boat) with his friend Rick.  They left early this morning and hubby forgot to move his bike from behind the car so that I could take my Mom out for lunch so I am stuck on the boat on a Sunny Day.  Oh drat, darn, etc.  No really I don't mind it at all, our boat is a great place to be on a sunny day.  It is very bright and I can work on my beading with out any additional lights.  So while my hubby is tillting around the bay I had a very productive morning working on my second ever bead embroidered piece. 
During our trip last May (has it really been a year) we visited the ruins of Ephesos on the coast of Turkey.  As part of our tourist package of the cruise ship we receive a moulded clay focal of Ephesos.  I did not like the leather strap that came with the necklace so I immediately removed it knowing that one day I would use the focal for something grand.  Since recently learning some…

Etsy Beadweavers Spring Swap

Spring Swap - Once again my beadweaving group Etsy Beadweavers arranged for team members to make an item for another member that was participating in the Swap.  Marilyn of Starwaves collected all the names of the members that wanted to particpate, sent out the questionaire to find out what we like and don't line, match up the participants and set the deadline for the swap to take place.  I was matched up with Sue Charette-Hood  Crystal Wonders and from her questionaire I new that she loved purple and black combination in her jewelry.  When I was in Vegas I purchased some purple Toho square beads and some purple luster 15/0 Miyuki seed beads which I combined with the black 11/0 Czech beads I had at home to make this lacy bracelet.  I finished my swap early and send it to Sue in March and waited with anticipation to see what I would receive and who I would receive it from. 
To my great delight my package arrived early April from Anna of AnnaHatvani and it was a beautiful bead embroi…

My entry for the "Spring Around the Corner" April Challenge Etsy Beadweavers

Well after finishing my first entry Spring Flowers for the "Spring Around the Corner" Challenge, I decided to send a photo of it to Bead and Button Magazine.  I received an email asking me to send the necklace to them for photographing and possible future publication in the "Your Work" section.  So I of course mailed that sucker out right away.  I don't know that it will get published but it was good to know that they were at least interested.  I had my Day Lilly completed and was trying to figure out if it was too large to make into a necklace, that is why I started and finished the Spring Flower.  I since finished off the lariate and decided that I liked the single Day Lilly even if it was more life size that I had wanted. 
The voting for the "Spring Around the Corner" starts on April 9th and runs until the 15th at  You are as always encouraged to vote for your favorite entry and again there are some outsta…

Spring is finally here, well at least in my challenge piece

I have spent the past few weeks working on my entry for Etsy Beadweavers April Challenge "Spring around the corner"  I started out with a Lily flower (see earlier post) but it turned out larger than I originally envisioned.  I tried various ways to encorporate it into my design but the more I looked at the I realized that it was way to big (at least for me) to wear as a necklace.  The Lily may reappear as a brooch or something as I still love the look of it.  While I was walking each day I noticed that the crocuses and daffodils were starting to emerge and changed the focus of my design. 
I created a green netted necklace base using green 8/0 Czech seed beeds and 5 mm green bugle beads.  The necklace base is like a green picket fence with the flowers emerging.  I also noticed that the cherry blossom trees along my street were also starting to bud and flower and I realized that "Spring" was really just around the corner.   The crocus flower and daffodil were an amaz…

What do you do on a sunny day?

Here I am sitting at the computer on a sunny day in Vancouver wrting this post.  I have not written one in a while because I was having issues with my shoulder and the computer work really bothered it.  The computer is in the navigation station on the boat, the counter is too high for a vertically challenged person to sit at and be comfortable.  My shoulder was always elevated and that caused it to freeze up over the xmas period.  My hubby bought me a wireless keyboard and mouse for xmas and let me tell you that has made all the difference.  My shoulder got the rest it needed and I was able to go back to doing the things that I love.  I am currently working on a necklace for the April challenge of Etsy Beadweavers called "Spring around the corner" 
Today in Vancouver it certainly looks like spring, the sun is shinning and it is so bright on the boat that I had forgotten how bright it could be with sunlight.  I am attempting to make a necklace with Daylilies and I have worked…

A Whorl Wind of Activity

I know that it has been a while since I posted anything to my blog.  I have not been neglecting you, well maybe just a little.  November and December were just a whorl wind of activity for me because I started my Xmas Craft events with 10 days straight.  The first event was at Thursday at BCIT, then 3 days (Fri-Sun) at Abbotsford Cristmas Craft Fair, then Simon Fraser Universitys Craft Fair (Mon-Fri) endng with my usual Saturday at the Abbotsford Farmers Market.  The weekend before this 10 day stretch I was at the Delbrook Rec Centre's Craft fair, and the week after the stretch I was at the Langley Craft Fair. 
Some of the events were more successful than others.  Simon Frasers week long event was my best seller and I sold more this year than last year.  I had some slow days but overall sold many of my newely created and not photographed beadwoven necklaces and bracelets.  Delbrook on the Sunday prior was also good as it was a very busy event.  I have been told that it was even b…