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Recent Sales at Angelque Creations

During this busy Christmas season, I have been spending weekends at various craft fairs through out Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  I was recently at the Make it Vancouver show at the Croation Cultural Centre, Micky Macdougal Craft Fair in North Vancouver, Simon Fraser Craft Fair and the Abbotsford Farmers Market.  During these fairs I sold a couple of beadwoven pieces from my shop that I am very happy about.

Here are the photo's of the pieces that were sold.
    Break Water (Raw)                                    Sea Foam St. Petersberg Stitch Necklace 

December Challenge - Peace Piece Etsy Beadweavers Street Team

It is time once again for the monthly challenge of the Etsy Beadweavers Street Team.  The theme this month is Peace Piece.and the voting starts today December 9 and runs until Dec 15.  Check out the web site at to view the 20 beautiful works of art.  Angelque Creations has entered this challenge with my Snow and Ice necklace (number 4 on the Etsy website).  I hope that you will all take the opportunity to visit the site and vote for your favorite piece.

Featuring Trinity Designer Jewellery - Lorraine Coetzee

Featuring Lorraine Coetzee, of Trinity Designer Jewellery, Cape Town, South Africa.
Lorraine is one of the many talented weavers beloning to Etsy Beadweavers Street Team.  Lorranine has always been encouraging to the team members and was one of the first people to encourge my work as I entered this amazing world.  Lorraine works through some very difficult health issues.  She is an inspiration to us all as she is very active within the group and produces wonderful pieces of art. 

Here is what Lorraine had to say.
Tell me a bit more about yourself? Where you live, etc, I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Cape Town, South Africa. (A photo of Table Mountain across the bay forms the banner to my Etsy shop and Blogspot). Handmade arts, crafts and painting are my passion and from a little girl, I've done embroidery classes, cake decorating, painting, decoupage, sewing, dress designing and lampwork etc. Whilst raising my ownly daughter, I've also done a spot of model…

Featuring BeadsandBlooms

Here is a little insight into what makes Deb of BeadandBloom tick.  I was doing some research on Deb and found out that she is a SCiFi lover like me.  Hum, I find it amazing that we SciFi lovers seem to flock together in what ever we undertake.  I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy as well and my husband and I have been know to watch all three in one sitting on a rainy weekend.

Here is what Deb had to say:
Is there was any significence to the name of you shop? When I started selling my handmade items I couldn't decide which I liked to do more, beadwork or floral designs, so I decided to do both and became Beads and Blooms.

Tell me a bit more about yourself? I'm a Kansas country girl through and through. I've always lived in small towns and enjoy the rural lifestyle. My day job is being the one-woman office staff for a long term care facility. Creating gives me much needed stress relief.

When did you start beading and beadweaving?  I started beadweaving in the late 80's ju…

Angelque Creations Featured in T-Main Good Morning

Angelque Creations West Coast Netted Bangle was featured in this lovely Etsy Treasury Good Morning along with many other talented artisans.  The listing will exipire in a couple of days so if you have time please check out the other shops and post your comments.

Featuring Silver Dragon Creations - Patricia Vener

This week I am featuring Patricia Vener of Silver Dragon Creations another fellow Etsy Beadweaver Street Team member.  It is interesting to me to find out about someone that you have talked with in various forums and learn new ways that you are compatable.  I also love Stargate Atlantis, in fact any Sci-fi film or TV show usually catches my interest. 

Here is what Patricia had to say.
1. What type of art work do you do? I'm a painter who has added bead weaving to her repertoire of media.

2. How did you get started doing art work? Someone gave me a crayon or pencil and I went to town! Among my earliest memories is of visitng a museum when I was four years old and being totally mesmerized by the Native American exhibits of textiles and decorative work. I stood there staring and staring and had to be dragged away.

3. Do you do any other crafts? I have done some small fiber weaving (loom work interestingly enough and I love it), lace making (learning fr…

Shop and Swap Blog Featuring MaryMule

Angelque Creations is participating in the Shop Swap & Blog set up by Structured Chaos and I received my package from Mary Mule Designs.  Mary Mule makes hand made fabric accessories: tote bags, purses, zippered pouches, coffee cozies and baby bibs!.  As part of the Shop and Swap Mary Mule sent me two items, one was a coffee cosy and the other was a cosmetic bag. 

I must say that of the two items, the coffee cosy is my favorite.  It is a reuasable, totatly sustainable wrap that you slide around your favorite brand of speciality coffee.  The coffee cosy is great for the environment since you never need to use the card board one provided in the shop.

Here is a bit about Mary Mule:
Online Shop Address:
Blog Address
Facebook Fan page

A bit about yourself: I am a Physician Assistant. My husband and I have been married for a year. We have a dog who we might spoil just a bit. I love fabric,…

Purple Haze Herringbone Cuff Bracelet

Purple Haze Herringbone Cuff Bracelet $45 US.
During these raining days in Vancouver I cannot help but think of all the great times I had while cruising down the coast and my days lingering in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. As I sit down to do a new project I am completted with choosing a colour selection that reminds me of the beautiful weather and sunny days. Purple Haze Herringbone Cuff Bracelet is one of those creations. Each morning and each evening as the sun rises and sets the sky would light up in a purple haze that cannot been seen anywhere else in the world. Purple Haze is made with 6/0 purple rainbow coloured seed beads and mauve 4 mm flat potato fresh water pearls. The clasp is a gold plated 3 hole slide clasp.

Length: Aproximately 7", width 1-1/4"
Free shipping to all Canadian Locations
First time purchasers from my shop http; will recieve a free pair of Earrings, valued at $10.00

Featuring Roseworks Jewelry

Angeqlue Creations is a proud member of the Etsy Beadweavers Street Team and as a member I am starting a bi-monthly trend of featuring one new Etsy Street Team member.  The first to be featured is Ruthie Stickney of Roseworks Jewlry in Vancouver, Washington, USA.  http://www/ I live in Vancouver BC, Canada so it is appropriate that Ruthie, a fellow Vancouverite, is my first featured artist.

I asked Ruthie if there was any significance to the name of her shop and this was her reply "I have always loved Roses - and when we were little and my brothers and I would play "house" or other games where we would pretend to be other people I would usually choose the name Rose. So when I was trying to come up with a shop name...that's what I came up with."

Tell me a bit more about yourself? "I live in Vancouver, WA with my wonderful husband. I deal with health problems so jewelry has been my hobby that's helped me stay sane that I'm try…

Etsy Treasury - Winter Days

Winter Days treasury features many Etsians artists and is a wonderful collection.  You can check it out at and post your comments, view the individual shops, and may be purchase something lovely. 

Featured in this treasury are:
La Glass - Haute Noir

Astersadler - Starry Night

FoxyGKnits - Black Beauty Scarf

Marynikydesigns - Dragon Fly Brooch

Sandfibres - Steely Hugs and Kisses

Runwaycrochet - Lady Grey Sweater/Shawl

BhenRudha - Discovery Bracelet

Littlestonedesigns - Sweet Little Black Beauty Bracelet…

Sunlight Reflected (Raw) bracelet

Sunlight Reflected (Raw) Bracelet $45 US
On these rainy days in Vancouver, I need to be reminded of the warmth and endless sunshine in Sea of Cortez and LaPaz where I spend 6 months last winter. Sunlight Reflected bracelet reminds me of the aqua blue sea with the sunshine flashing off the ocean ripples. The bracelet is made with 6 mm Cech glass aqua blue bicone beads and Cech gold silverlined seed beads. The clasp is a 4 hole gold plated slide clasp.

Length: Approx 6-1/2", width 1-1/4"

First time purchasers from my shop will receive a Free pair of Fresh Water Pearl earrings, valued $10.00
Free shipping to all Canadian Locations.

Gold Coast and West Coast Netted Bangles

Gold Coast and West Coast Netted Bangles $40 USD each
Who wants to go to Mexico this winter? Pick ME, Pick ME!!! During our adventure with out sail boat we spent about 1 month in Mazatlan in the El Cid Marina and spent many a days walking along the beaches in front of the shopping area called the Gold Zone. I created Gold Coast netted bangle as a reminder of my time spend walking along those golden beaches. The bangle is made with a continuous netted technique with 6/0 and 11/0 gold and topaz seed beads.

Back on the West Coast of BC, green is the predominate color of the BC rainforest (except for areas of pine beattles which is now red). West Coast Netted Bangle has the rich colour of our BC coast as well as Washington and Orgeon. This bangle is made with size 6/0 and 11/0 green seed beads in a continuous netted bangle.

Size: Inside diameter 3-1/2", will fit over the closed hand. Overall length approximately 7"

First time purchasers from my shop http://www.angelquecreations.…

Ruby Rah Tubular Herringbone Necklace

Ruby Rah Tubular Herringbone Necklace $70 USD
Ruby Rah tubular Herringbone necklace is made with size 8/0 ruby red and 11/0 gold seed beads and is a continuously beaded necklace. The clasp is made with a Chech glass bead woven with size 11 gold seed beads. I have wanted to make a tubular piece for sometime now and when I started with the tubular Herringbone I found that I could not stop and created the length of the necklace before I even knew that I was going to make a necklace. My fingers just kept beading and beading. It goes to show you sometimes just let your fingers do the beading.

Length:Approximately 18-1/2"

Pink Flamingo

I have been busy with the Abbotsford Farmers market these past few weekends and have negelected my shop.  I have many new items to post as I have been busy making new pieces for Xmas, stay tuned in the next few days as I catch up on the postings, but here is the first in the line up Pink Flamingo. 

When I started this bracelet all I could think of the pink colour that I was using was that it was the same colour as the plastic pink flamingo's you see decorating some gardens hence the name Pink Flamingo. The bracelet has a floral pattern of pink and chocolate 6/0 seed bead. The clasp is woven with pink 6/0 seed beads and enhanced with pink Indian beads.
Length: Approximately 7", width 1-1/2"

First time purchasers from my shop at will receive a free pair of earrings, valued at $10.00

Vitrine Features FFEST in a Treasury West on Etsy

Vitrine curated this lovely Treasury West on Etsy, besure that you take the time to check out the great pieces featured before the treasury time runs out  Thanks Vitrine for featuring my Baja Desert bracelet in this great treasury of FFEST members.

SmadarsTreasure - Curated new Treasury West

SmadarsTreasure curated this lovely treasury of Etsy artisans.  Thank you Smadar for creating such a lovely treasury and for including Angelque Creations Baja Desert Bracelet in this lovely selection.  Please visit the treasury and click and comment so that we can try to get on the front page of Etsy.

New Location for Angelque Creations Blogspot

Last week I had a seniors moment and deleted my blog by accident, I have tried in vain to retrieve the blogspot but could not get any information on how to do so.  Therefore this is my new location and I am sorry to all my followers, hopefully they will follow me here as well.