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Absent but not Gone, what have I been doing?

I am really quite bad at keeping up with my blog, mostly because I really don't know what to write about or what people (anyone) might want to read on my blog.  I follow quite a few beading blogs from my Etsy Beadweavers team and think I should have written something like that, but then I never do.  SOOO what am I going to write about today, let me see , Uhm, well, I don't really know, hence my absence.

Since my last post regalling you with my busy Xmas schedule, I took a break (not from beading) but away in the sun.  My sister and brother in law (refered to as K&T in an earlier post) and my hubby spent almost a month on the garden island of Kauai in February.  My hubby was amazed that I pack up some beads and dragged them off to Kauai, and was even more amazed when I found some Toho beads in ACE Hardware (of all places).  I spent my days laying on the beach getting a great tan, and my evenings drinking MaiTai's and working on the various projects that I brought with me…