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Baja Sunrise Featured in Mex I Can treasury

I recently found that my Baja Sunrise Bead embroidered necklace was featured in this Mex I Can treasury by clonehardware on Etsy and I am trying out a widget that CraftCult offers for Etsy sellers to promote treasuries. Below will be an interactive widget that should redirect you to the Treasury collection on Etsy and the individual items Test it out and let me know how it works. 

Ephesos Turkey - A Must on the Bucket List

Recently I have attended memorials for several of my cruising friends and I was reminded that as I get older I will be attending more and more of these events. As I looked at all the adventures that my friends experienced in their lives and how many places that they ticked off their "Bucket List", I wanted to see how many Mike and I have ticked off our list. Last year we did a 3 week whorl wind tour of Europe inclucing a 10 day cruise around the Med. We ticked off quite a few off our list, one of the locations that we visited briefly was Turkey and the ruins at Ephesos.  This place is amazing and the architecture of the time boggles the mind.  It was a place where Learing Arts and Culture were promenant.  Ephesos is famous for it's "Library" structure and for the two ampetheatres.  The largest theatre housed thousands of spectators and was built into the side of the hill. Turkey is one of the places that I would like have an extended visit (months not days!)


Etsy Beadweavers July Challenge Sizzling Sunshine and Soothing Waters

I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything to my own blog.  It is not that I haven't been making anything, rather the contrary I have several new pieces and participated in the monthly challenges for Etsy Beadweavers.  I just forget to go to my own blog and post my pieces after I have promoted the team on the various Facebook  pages and the team blog. So I thought that it was high time that I paid some attention to my own blog.  For this months challenge I created Baja Sunlight necklace fashioned after my favourite island in the Sea of Cortez, Isla Sanfransisco.  This beautiful agua blue bay is extrodinarily beautiful and the water is calm and soothing after a hot day of hiking on the small sizzling hot island.

The voting started on July 9 and runs until July 15, at Please stop in and vote for your favoirte Sizzling Sunshine and Soothing Water's entry.  There are 32 wonderful entries to choose from so I am sure that …