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Happy New Year - What's on the Beading Table this week

After a very busy Christmas with all my craft fair events I finally have a few minutes to finish off a few projects that I started and to start a few new ones.  This week on the beading block (salon table)  I am working on several new hair accessories, some earrings and a couple of bracelets.  

Since we live on our boat the salon table acts as my studio and hubby (Mike) has to put up with all my beading supplies laid out for days on end while I finish up what I am working on.  I try to keep it contained so that I can pack up the work into one corner of the table in order that we may eat dinner, but mostly when I am working he has to eat at the navigation station.  Luckily for me he is able to watch TV from that location or I might have to pack everything up.

My hair accessory line was very successful this Christmas season, in fact it is probably the fastest selling item that I make, so I am trying to build stock for the spring and summer when I again do the farmers markets with Artis…