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What do I do all Day?

What do I do all day is a question that my husband asks me when he gets home from a long day at work.  I retired in the spring of 2008, the year we sailed our boat from Vancouver to the Sea of Cortez, and I spend my day beading and weaving.  Beading and weaving what does she mean by that one asks.  While I was in Mexico I learned to weave tiny little seed beads with a needle and thread into wonderful patterns that create beadwoven jewelry. 

Since I have retired I spend most of my day working with these tiny little beads.  Some days I sit at SFU (Simon Fraser University) with my works on display hoping that something will sell, but mostly using the time to create something new.  I figure I am going to bead/weave anyway might as well be out where someone can see it and maybe purchase my labour of love.  Also I need to get out and meet people because I would go crazy not talking to someone sometime.

Everyone told me that when you retire you will need a hobby, well weaving is mine and I lo…

Ocean Treasury Curated by Ileana of Enchanted Beads

Ileana of Enchanted beads snagged an Etsy Treasury so that she could show case the entries for the Etsy Beadweavers February Challenge - Ocean.  There are so many talented people in our group that it is worth your time to check out this wonderful treasury before it expires on Thrusday morning  Jan 14, 2010. My Ocean Garden Set is third row on the right. Here is the link to the treasury so that you can click and comment.

Etsy Beadweavers Feb 2010 Ocean Monthy Challenge

Ocean Garden Necklace & Bracelet Set $140.00 US
This is my challenge piece for the February Ocean Challenge. The aqua blues and greens of the Sea of Cortez has been my inspiration for many pieces in my shop and this month’s challenge really caught my attention and I couldn’t wait to get started working on my idea. The Sea of Cortez is alive with an abundance of ocean life. While we were cruising we saw dolphins, turtle, whales, whale sharks, fish of all kinds, sand dollars, star fish, you name it we saw it. My favorite bay on the Pacific side of the Baja peninsula was Bahia Santa Maria with its miles of white sandy beaches. We swam to shore one day and I picked up a bucket full of sand dollars. Some of these you see in the back ground of my photos. My Ocean Garden Set captures the beauty of the undersea life that is the Sea of Cortez. To see the full listing please visit

The voting starts Feb 9-15 so please visit http://www.e…

Beadweaving in Hawaii - Am I nuts?

While vacationing in Hawaii I couldn't stand it, two weeks with out laying hand to needle, needle to thread, thread to beads.  So I went shopping with my sister and we found some lovely beads to satisfy my fix.  I know I am nuts and I should have been on the beach, relaxing and getting a tan.  I did that but at night in the cover of my room (not quite under the sheets) I would bead.  What would my husband think!!!!  Here is the result.

Mango Bango Bangles, two different bangles that can be worn together or separately.  I learned to weave a tubular spiral herringbone stitch to create these beauties.

Two new earrings - Honey me Honey and Gold Coast

Honey coloured oval lampwork glass earrings with gold plated surgical steel lever ear wires are a simple way to dress up any outfit. These chandelier earrings dangle approximately 1-1/2" inches

Mazatlan has an area called the Gold Zone and we spent many a days walking along the beaches in front of the shops and restaurants. I created Gold Coast netted earings to pair with the Gold Coast Bangle as a reminder of my time spent walking along those golden beaches. The earrings are made with a continuous netted technique with 6/0 and 11/0 gold and topaz seed beads. gold plated surgical steel lever ear wire.

Free shipping to all Canadian locations

I am a proud member of Etsy Beadweavers Street team, please visit our blog at

Baja Coast Bangle

This is the last bangle created for the Coast Bangle series. This bangle is a tribute to the calm and tranquile waters in the Sea of Cortez. The aqua blue 6/0 and 11/0 glass seed beads are the colour of the beautiful waters in this area. Having spent 6 months in the Sea of Cortez I find that I am very partial to this shade of blue. My favorite colour will always be green, but Aqua is becoming my second favorite color.

Diameter: Approx 7-1/2 -8" will roll over the folded hand

Free Shipping to all Canadian locations

You Saw Me Standing Alone - Treasury Curated by Little Stone Designs

Angelque Creations has been very fortunate this month to be featured in a 3rd Etsy Treasury.  You saw me standing alone curated by Cheryl of Little Stone Designs can be found at features my Moon Beam Herringbone bracelet.

This lovely selection of fine artists illustrates the wide range of talent that is the Etsy way.  Angelque Creations is grateful to be included amounts these great pieces.  Lets help this treasury to get to the Front Page of Etsy by visiting, commenting and clicking on all the shops.  The more people that view, comment and click the more likely this treasury will be selected for a front page.

Time for New Things Treasury - Curated by ThingsOldandNew

Angelque Creations was fortunate to be featured once again in a treasury curated by ThingsOldand New on Etsy.  The necklace Aspen Wood and African Opal picked to be featured was created by my friend Patricia Erickon. I hope that you have time to stop in and see this lovely treasury as there are many other talented artists featured including Ileana from EnchantedBeads.  Here is the link to follow.

Featured in 2010 Treasury

Angelque Creations is featured in this lovely treasury as an alternate.  There are many talened shops for this first treasry of 2010 so please take the time to stop by and view all the lovely selections.  Hopefully we can make it to Etsy's front page.