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Etsy Holiday Boot Camp

This year I decided that I was going to concentrate on my Etsy Shop to see if I could generate some pre-Christmas sales and joined the Etsy Success team and their Holiday Boot Camp.  This is week 1 and we were tasked with several things to complete: Read this weeks blog post A Flying StartFill our your Holiday BudgetPrint out and apply your Holiday Boot Camp stickers to your calenderShare your holiday goalsFind your Holiday Boot Camp BuddyI have completed all the items on this list and created a few more for me to accomplish this week:
Renew items and evaluate for relevancy.  This is the new search mod for finding things on Etsy and I am not so sure that I have gotten the gist of it and so I am spending some time tweeking to see if my work moves up on the Etsy pages.  I still seem to be burried in the back of the pack.Sign up for Search Ads starting Sept 27, budget of $5/week and monitor to see if it is worth the price you pay.Make Poppy pins in preparation for Remembrance Day, these pi…

What do you see when riding on the back of a BMW?

Not a blog about beading for a change, but fun non the less!!

Recently my husband and I completed a three week trip on his BMW motorcycle AKA "The Dragon".  I love to ride on the back but I have a hard time with balancing (nicknamed appropriately Tippy! by my loving husband) so would never ride solo.  We decided that since The Dragon was a grand touring bike that it needed to be tested out and hence we planned this three week ride down the coastal 101 highway to San Francisco via the Red Woods Forests then to Las Vegas via Bakersfield and the Mohave Desert, then San Diego and back on the coastal highway to Vancouver. 

My sister Karen and my bother-in-law Terry (always are refered as K&T) were to join us on this adventure.  They left their home town of Regina, Sask on Friday and arrived in Vancouver late Saturday evening.  Our trip began on Sunday morning as we headed out under cloudy and cooler temperatures from Aldergrove, BC to cross into the US and the Olympic …