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Husband Racing again? What to do? What to do!!!!!!

It is a sunny Saturday here in Vancouver and my hubby (Mike) is off racing again on J (a 33' J boat) with his friend Rick.  They left early this morning and hubby forgot to move his bike from behind the car so that I could take my Mom out for lunch so I am stuck on the boat on a Sunny Day.  Oh drat, darn, etc.  No really I don't mind it at all, our boat is a great place to be on a sunny day.  It is very bright and I can work on my beading with out any additional lights.  So while my hubby is tillting around the bay I had a very productive morning working on my second ever bead embroidered piece. 
During our trip last May (has it really been a year) we visited the ruins of Ephesos on the coast of Turkey.  As part of our tourist package of the cruise ship we receive a moulded clay focal of Ephesos.  I did not like the leather strap that came with the necklace so I immediately removed it knowing that one day I would use the focal for something grand.  Since recently learning some…

Etsy Beadweavers Spring Swap

Spring Swap - Once again my beadweaving group Etsy Beadweavers arranged for team members to make an item for another member that was participating in the Swap.  Marilyn of Starwaves collected all the names of the members that wanted to particpate, sent out the questionaire to find out what we like and don't line, match up the participants and set the deadline for the swap to take place.  I was matched up with Sue Charette-Hood  Crystal Wonders and from her questionaire I new that she loved purple and black combination in her jewelry.  When I was in Vegas I purchased some purple Toho square beads and some purple luster 15/0 Miyuki seed beads which I combined with the black 11/0 Czech beads I had at home to make this lacy bracelet.  I finished my swap early and send it to Sue in March and waited with anticipation to see what I would receive and who I would receive it from. 
To my great delight my package arrived early April from Anna of AnnaHatvani and it was a beautiful bead embroi…

My entry for the "Spring Around the Corner" April Challenge Etsy Beadweavers

Well after finishing my first entry Spring Flowers for the "Spring Around the Corner" Challenge, I decided to send a photo of it to Bead and Button Magazine.  I received an email asking me to send the necklace to them for photographing and possible future publication in the "Your Work" section.  So I of course mailed that sucker out right away.  I don't know that it will get published but it was good to know that they were at least interested.  I had my Day Lilly completed and was trying to figure out if it was too large to make into a necklace, that is why I started and finished the Spring Flower.  I since finished off the lariate and decided that I liked the single Day Lilly even if it was more life size that I had wanted. 
The voting for the "Spring Around the Corner" starts on April 9th and runs until the 15th at  You are as always encouraged to vote for your favorite entry and again there are some outsta…