Some recent sales at Angelque Creations

This past month has been good for Angelque Creations as I have made some recent sales of my work, some on my new Artfire site, some on my Etsy site and some at craft fairs.  I usually have really slow sales so I am very happy that I have sold 4 of my pieces.

My Bollywood Necklace has gone to a very good home where I know that it will be treasured, Butterflies are Free necklace is on its way to a cruise of the Med, Eye of Horus was purchased for a birthday present and is now going to Jamaica for vacation, Poinsettia Holdiay Treasures Cuff will be proudly worn during this holiday season.


Gypsy G Designs said…
What amazing work! I look forward to following your blog. And thanks for posting one of my Artfire Collections! Artfire is so much fun. I love that site. I am always trying to promote my website, but most of my sales come through Artfire. They seem to have a really good SEO.

Have a Merry Christmas and best of luck to you!

Gypsy G Designs

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