My production line

These past few weeks have seen me sitting at our salon table with my beads spread out (taking up the table space) while I make 60 beaded wine labels holders for my friend Lynda Bennett's wedding.  The wedding is not until July 17, 2010 but I thought that I would get started on these and you know me once I start something I am like a dog with a bone, I keep at it until it is finished.  I started making the beaded wine label holders on Wednesday last week and I have completed 30 of them already.  Lynda will be pleasently surprised when I give them to her next week, 5 months ahead of the wedding bells.

Here are a few pictures of the production line and some of the finished product.  My friend Lynda will be printing the Wine Labels and attaching them via ribbon to the beaded label holder.  The Beaded Wine holder (after the festivities are over) can be used as napkin rings.  Cool eh?

And no I am not drinking while I am making these, the Quails Gate Optima Wine is my test subject to ensure that the rings fit around the spout.


Mary T Designs said…
Hey Jacquie! I love them. What a labor of love. I hope your friend appreciates the work that goes into each holder!!

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