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Angelque Creations is participating in the Shop Swap & Blog set up by Structured Chaos and I received my package from Mary Mule Designs.  Mary Mule makes hand made fabric accessories: tote bags, purses, zippered pouches, coffee cozies and baby bibs!.  As part of the Shop and Swap Mary Mule sent me two items, one was a coffee cosy and the other was a cosmetic bag. 

I must say that of the two items, the coffee cosy is my favorite.  It is a reuasable, totatly sustainable wrap that you slide around your favorite brand of speciality coffee.  The coffee cosy is great for the environment since you never need to use the card board one provided in the shop.

Here is a bit about Mary Mule:
Online Shop Address:
Blog Address
Facebook Fan page

A bit about yourself: I am a Physician Assistant. My husband and I have been married for a year. We have a dog who we might spoil just a bit. I love fabric, traveling, photography and my new baby niece.

What made you start your buisness: I have always been craffy, seeing things in stores and thinking 'Oh, I could make that." I saw some bags at a Farmers Market and decided I
want to learn to sew. So I bought myself a sewing machine and started teaching myself.
After a few practice projects I started making tote bags and quickly had more than I knew what to do with. I gave some as Christmas presents, then decided to open my shop so I could continue making bags.

What you plan to accomplish with your buisness: I really just do it for fun. I like to make
things, but don't need 12 tote bags and purses for myself, so I sell them! What you get most out of having your own buisness: I hope to get rid of all the stuff I make! I like that it lets me be creative, even though alot of the time I feel like I am not very creative at all.

Your favorite independently owned online shop: No real favorite. I like some fabric shops
on etsy, but usually just buy from whomever has the fabric I want.
Any upcoming shop promotions: For your readers, if they leave ShopSwapBlog in the message to seller, I will discount them l5%. Intemational sellers can convo me
beforehand so I can estimate shipping if their country isn't listed.


Mary said…
Thanks for the lovely feature!

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