Dark Dreams - Dream Catcher Necklace

I have finally finished a new project that I started a couple of weeks ago when I received my 10 free beads from Nomad Crafts.  I had signed up on Nomad Crafts facebook fan page to be part of a group of artist that would be sent 10 free beads to use in a project.  Janelle of Nomad Crafts made these wonderfull yellow and black lampwork beads and they inpired me to create my Dark Dreams Dream Catcher necklace.  I used 9 of the beads and then realized that Janelle had actually sent me 15 Lampwork beads.  Whoo Hoo I now have 6 more of these wonderful gems to make a second project.  Gee what will I do, stay tuned. 

If you would like to see more of Janelle's lampwork glass just click on the shop name above and the link will take you to her shop.


Ruthie said…
Beautiful piece :)
Has a poisionous underwater creature quality. Those yellow beads look dangerous. Love it!

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