Gothic Chevron Faux Pearl Anklet

When I was recently on my sailing trip to Monteque Harbour on Main Island I created a fun anklet with some faux pearls that I had kicking around in my bead box.  I wanted to create a fun anklet that you could wear all summer long.  I had seen this chevron stitch before on necklaces but I had yet to test my skill at creating a piece.  I did not have enough of the faux pearls to create a necklace and so I started out creating a bracelet with the intent of using up these beads.  I realized once I had finished one side that it was rather long for a bracelet but decided to finish it off by mirroring the chevron pattern.  The length turned out to be 8" which surprisingly was just the size that I needed to fit around my ankle.  Who knew.

I recently sold the Gothic Chevron Faux Pearl anklet and it is winging it's way off to a new home.  I think that I may need to make one for myself since I am going to miss the anklet.


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