My Etsy Beadweavers August Challenge - Butterflies are Free Necklace

The August challenge for the Etsy Beadweavers is "Gold and Silver" Hollywood style.  I had these silver butterflies in my bead box for some time and was waiting for an inspiration to use them.  The August theme seemed to me to be the perfect starting point, so I brought them out of storage and made a rough sketch of how I wanted the butterflies to lay in the necklace (normally I don't make sketches because I cannot free hand draw, I used to draw buildings and construction details for a living but always on the computer using a program, free hand drafting is not my forte).  I started working with the 4 mm Japanese silver square bead in a brick stitch with 11/0 gold tone Japanese seed beads until I had the shape of the necklace, then I added the butterflies.  While working on this piece the movie staring Goldie Hawn kept bouncing into my head.  The movie was Butterflies are Free and is one of Goldie's earier pictures. 

The voting for this month's challenge starts on August 9 and runs until the 15th at Etsy Beadweavers Blogspot, just click the name and you will be directed to the blog.  Please stop in and vote for your favorite entry.  Once again our team has out done themselves and there are some amazing entries.


Very pretty Jacquie and very Hollywood as well. I really like the assymetry.

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