Husband Racing again? What to do? What to do!!!!!!

It is a sunny Saturday here in Vancouver and my hubby (Mike) is off racing again on J (a 33' J boat) with his friend Rick.  They left early this morning and hubby forgot to move his bike from behind the car so that I could take my Mom out for lunch so I am stuck on the boat on a Sunny Day.  Oh drat, darn, etc.  No really I don't mind it at all, our boat is a great place to be on a sunny day.  It is very bright and I can work on my beading with out any additional lights.  So while my hubby is tillting around the bay I had a very productive morning working on my second ever bead embroidered piece. 

During our trip last May (has it really been a year) we visited the ruins of Ephesos on the coast of Turkey.  As part of our tourist package of the cruise ship we receive a moulded clay focal of Ephesos.  I did not like the leather strap that came with the necklace so I immediately removed it knowing that one day I would use the focal for something grand.  Since recently learning some basic bead embroidery I decided that it was time to put this piece to use and started working out a design for my Ephesos momento clay focal.  I have yet to figure out how I want to hang the completed bead embroidered focal, but that will be for my next sunny day alone on the boat.


Annie said…
I am your fan :) You do great Jacquie...Lovely necklaces :)
Beautiful Jacquie! I love the Turquoise accents.
Thanks Anna and Marsha
How neat! I like the the colors you picked to compliment the center focal. Has a really nice old world feel to it.
I really like what you've done with the Ephesos cab, Jacquie! The colors and the accent elements are just perfect. I think you're lucky to have a day aboard to just bead! My hubby doesn't race anymore, but I love rainy days afloat, 'cause I can just pull out my beads!

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