What do I do all Day?

What do I do all day is a question that my husband asks me when he gets home from a long day at work.  I retired in the spring of 2008, the year we sailed our boat from Vancouver to the Sea of Cortez, and I spend my day beading and weaving.  Beading and weaving what does she mean by that one asks.  While I was in Mexico I learned to weave tiny little seed beads with a needle and thread into wonderful patterns that create beadwoven jewelry. 

Since I have retired I spend most of my day working with these tiny little beads.  Some days I sit at SFU (Simon Fraser University) with my works on display hoping that something will sell, but mostly using the time to create something new.  I figure I am going to bead/weave anyway might as well be out where someone can see it and maybe purchase my labour of love.  Also I need to get out and meet people because I would go crazy not talking to someone sometime.

Everyone told me that when you retire you will need a hobby, well weaving is mine and I love it.  I learn to do new weaves everday and I belong to a group of weavers (Etsy Beadweavers) that has some amazing talent and I am always inspired to try something different and out of my comfort zone.  I don't have their talent yet, but then I have only been weaving since May 2009.
Spinkled throught this posting is several bracelets that I created in the last few days.  So the question remains "What do I do all Day?" 
What do you think?


Mortira said…
How I long for those days! Being a stay at home mom affords me lots of time for beading, but total retirement must be beading bliss! And with less than a year at it, your skills are pretty exceptional.

I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award: http://inspirationalbeading.blogspot.com/2010/01/poster-sketch-sunshine-award.html

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