Sumertime in the City

Well it is finally summer here in Vancouver we have had two weeks of really great weather and I have been enjoying the sun streaming through the port holes and hatches on the boat.  I have even had to open up the port holes so that I can let the warm summer breaze flow through the interior.  I love the warmth and wish that it would stay forever.  Mike and I have been getting the boat ready to go cruising at the end of July, it will have been over a year since we moved Angelique and a year since she was damaged in the fire.  We finally have all the bits and baubs put back and replaced and are looking forward to 5 days cruising the Gulf Islands.  I have also been busily working away and creating several new necklaces and bracelets and trying to get them listed into my shop AngelqueCreations. 
Mother of Pearl Necklace                                             Pretty in Pink Princess Necklace

Coral Reef Freeform Bracelet                                Pearls, Pearls, Pearls Bridal Necklace
Cortez Sea Bracelet                                                         Mauve & Amethyst Bracelet


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