Things are picking up - Sales at AngelqueCreations

I have been really fortunate these past few weeks and I have had one sale from my Etsy shop where the customer purchased two of my pieces (Seafoam bracelet and Poppies of the Roman Forum) and recently I sold 2 more pieces at the weekend Farmer's Market in Abbotsford. 

Mostly I sell my non bead woven jewelry at the Farmer's Market beacuse thease are lower priced and more affordable but this past Saturday I sold my Evil Eye St. Petersburg single chain Necklace and Dragon's Breath St. Petersburg double chain bracelet at the market.  I was so happy and hope that this coming weekend brings me good fortune as well.


How fantastic Jacquie. Nice to find working alternative venues for beadweaving. Take some every week! You just never know... Congratulations!!!

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